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Apply for a personal licence

To apply for a personal licence, you must fill in :

You must send these with a fee of £37. You also need to submit 3 other documents:

  • two passport sized photos endorsed as a true likeness of you
  • a Criminal Record certificate (must not be over 30 days old)
  • a licensing qualification or proof that you are a person of prescribed description

A ‘subject access disclosure’ is a form of criminal record certificate available from the ACRO Criminal Records Office website which you can submit with your application.

The two photos you send with your application must be endorsed as a true likeness of you by:

  • solicitor or notary
  • person of standing in the community
  • individual with a professional qualification The person endorsing your photographs must also sign, print their name and occupation or position

Send the completed forms and all the above to:

PO Box 866

Once we have received and checked your application, we will send you a licence card and paper counterpart.

We will issue you a personal licence within one month of receiving the application.

Laws and regulation

Personal licences are issued under the Licensing Act 2003