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Change designated premises supervisor

A premises that is licensed to sell alcohol must have a designated premises supervisor (DPS). If the DPS changes from the person named on the licence then you will need to apply to vary the licence to change the person who is named.

The DPS is a person who is named on the premises licence for a venue that sells alcohol. They are responsible for authorising the sale of alcohol.

The application can only be made by the premises licence holder, or an agent on behalf of the licence holder.

You must get the person being named as the DPS to complete the consent form, which you will need to upload when submitting the application through

The person who is to be the new DPS must hold a personal licence, issued to them by the local council for the area where they live. They must also hold the National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders.

If you want the application to take immediate effect from when we receive it, you must tick the correct box in part two of the form.

The fee to change a DPS is £23.

Once we have received and checked your application 14 days’ notice start. In this time, the police may object to the application. We’ll issue you a new licence when the time is up as long as there are no objections.

We’ll issue your licence no later than 14 days after the consultation ends.

Laws and regulation

The Licensing Act 2003 requires any premises that sells alcohol to have an appointed DPS and are granted under the Licensing Act 2003.