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Temporary event notice

Coronavirus update

Please be advised: In keeping with government guidance during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we would encourage customers to only submit notices for temporary events which might be considered essential during this period. To promote public health and safety during this period, events applied for which might be considered non-essential or would encourage unnecessary social contact are highly likely to be objected to by the Local Authority and other consulting parties.

If you’re planning an event that involves activities needing a licence, and your premises (a premises is defined as any place) is not already licensed, a temporary event notice (TEN) may be needed.

Licensable activities include providing:

  • regulated entertainment - plays, films, live music, recorded music, dancing
  • late night refreshment (the sale of hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am)
  • sale/supply of alcohol

Events that will require a TEN include:

  • extending the drinking hours at an existing licensed premises
  • selling alcohol at a premises that is not licensed, have a bar at a village fete or barbecue
  • having a live band and DJ at a premises that is not licensed

If you’re a licensed premises, a TEN may be needed if you wish to extend your hours, add licensing activities or extend your licensed area.


TENs have a number of limitations. These include:

  • no more than 499 people on the premises at any one time for each event
  • events can last up to 168 hours (7 days)
  • each premises can hold no more than 15 temporary event notice events per calendar year
  • the maximum total period covered by a temporary event notice at any premises is 21 days per year
  • anyone over the age of 18 can submit a maximum of five TENs per year and personal licence holders can submit a maximum of 50 TENs per year

Apply for a temporary event notice

You must submit your TEN application at least ten working days before the event or for a late TEN at least five working days' notice. There are further limitations for a late TEN. You can only serve two late notices in a single calendar year and these will count against the 5 you can have per calendar year or 50 if you hold a personal licence.

If your notice is received in time, we’ll send you an acknowledged copy. You will also receive a receipt for the fee.

You will be authorised to hold your event. This is unless we’re contacted by the Police or Environmental Protection if they have concerns regarding crime and disorder or public nuisance.

Laws and regulation

You are required to serve a Temporary Event Notice under the Licensing Act 2003.