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Licence fees

Our Licensing Service offers advice, processes applications, checks that rules are being followed and takes enforcement action across a range of areas:

  • animal welfare (animal boarding, dog breeding, dangerous wild animals, pet shops,riding establishments and more)
  • caravan sites
  • charitable collections (street and house to house)
  • gambling (betting shops, bingo, gaming machines, lotteries and more)
  • Licensing Act 2003 (alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment)
  • pavement cafĂ© furniture
  • scrap metal dealers
  • sex Establishments (shops, cinemas and sexual entertainment venues)
  • skin Piercing (acupuncture, electrolysis, tattooing, body piercing and more)
  • street Trading
  • taxis (vehicles, drivers and operators)

For most of these, our costs are recovered through fees paid by the applicant/licence holder, rather than local tax payers.

Legislation gives us the power to a charge a fee. With the exception of the Licensing and Gambling Acts, we have discretion on the most we can charge. Fees must be reasonable and in proportion to the cost of licensing processes, which includes administration, varying out inspections, equipment and supplies and, in some cases, enforcement against unlicensed activities. We cannot use fees to make a profit or act as an economic deterrent to discourage certain types of business from operating in the area.

We look carefully at our costs to calculate the fee for each type of application received and authorisation issued. This system is kept under constant review and altered when procedures or processes change.

We review fees and charges each year to make sure that they are reasonable and in proportion. All proposed fee levels are examined by Councillors through the democratic process before being brought into effect.