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Caravan and campsite licence

You must apply for a licence if you want to site caravans for people to live in for more than 28 days. The person who owns or occupies the land must make the application.

Caravan site licences apply to:

  • park home sites
  • gypsy/traveller caravan sites
  • touring caravan sites eg holiday caravans

You must have appropriate planning permission under Part III of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 or a certificate of lawful use (CLEUD) before you apply. Without planning permission, we cannot issue you a licence. If you have not got planning permission, you should contact the planning authority: Somerset West and Taunton Council or Exmoor National Park Authority if the site is inside the National Park.

The 2008 model standards for caravan sites contains more information about applying for a caravan site licence.

You can also apply to transfer a caravan site licence.

Once we have received your completed application, we will consult the Fire Service.


  • caravan site - Grant - £300
  • caravan site - Transfer - £64
  • caravan site - Variation - £167

We have two months to issue you the licence. If we fail to do so, the licence is considered to be granted and we will not be able to attach any conditions to it. If we issue the licence before the two months is up, we can attach a number of different conditions to the licence, such as:

  • site boundaries
  • distance between caravans
  • roads and pathways
  • fire safety
  • site maintenance
  • lighting
  • drainage and sanitation
  • electricity, gas and water supplies
  • refuse
  • vehicle parking
  • recreation space

We will aim to issue your licence within two months.

How to apply for a tent site licence

A site can’t be used to site tents for more than 42 consecutive days, or 60 days in any 12 months, without a licence. You will probably need planning permission from the right authority: Somerset West and Taunton Council or Exmoor National Park.

Keeping us informed

You should let the local authority know immediately of any changes which may affect the validity of the licence to change the licence accordingly, such as:

  • new planning consents which alter unit types
  • new planning consents which alter the number of units
  • material alterations to the site layout
  • new verandas
  • resiting of vans

Register of licensed sites

You can view our Register of site licences for caravan sites.

Register of site managers

Each licensed site must also ensure its manager is included on our Register of fit and proper site managers.