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Scrap metal dealer licence

If you run a business which involves buying and/or selling scrap metal (including parts of cars), you’ll need to apply for a Scrap Metal Dealer Licence.

This includes motor salvage operators; businesses that buy written off vehicles for them to be repaired and re-sold or recover parts from vehicles for them to be sold on.

  • the cost to apply for the grant of a licence is £535
  • the cost to renew a licence is £524
  • the cost to vary a licence is £183

If you’re not sure as to whether you need a licence or not, please contact us. More information is available via the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

Types of licence

There are two types of scrap metal dealer licence: a site licence and a collector's licence. You can only hold one type of licence issued by us.

You should apply for a site licence if you use a premises in connection with your business and if you collect metal by appointment only. The premises does not need to be used for sorting or storing metal. It could be your office. Once licensed as a site, you would not need a collector's licence to collect metal in other Council areas.

You should apply for a collector's licence if you don’t collect metal by prior arrangement. If you are a collector, you will need a collector's licence for every council area that you operate in.