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Pavement cafe permit

If you’d like to provide tables and chairs on a public road or pavement outside your premises, you’ll need a pavement café permit.

You’ll need to fill in a pavement café permit application and return it to us with:

  • public liability insurance certificate
  • the correct fee
  • a map of the proposed pavement café area at a scale of at least 1:1250

The fee to apply for a grant is £358. The fee for a renewal is £345. 

Send the completed form to:

PO Box 866

We’ll provide a notice that needs to be displayed prominently at the premises detailing the application. We will also send a copy of the notice and the application to consultees for their comments:

  • Wellington Town Council for any pavement cafes proposed in the Wellington area
  • the Highways Agency
  • our Environmental Protection 
  • Police
  • the Fire Authority

We allow 28 days from the date of your application for comments from the consultees or anyone else affected by the proposed pavement cafe.