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Street trading consent

You will need a street trading consent if you are offering items or ‘articles’ for sale in the street, including food and drink.

‘The street’ is defined as any road, footway, beach or other area that the public have access to without payment and therefore includes privately owned land.

You don't need a street trading consent if you are:

  • Selling items on foot and always on the move i.e. as a pedlar under a licence issued by the Police;
  • A market trader operating as part of a licensed market venue;
  • A news vendor selling only newspapers and periodicals;

Anyone over 17 can apply for a street trading consent.

Apply for a street trading consent

To apply for a street trading consent you can download a street trading consent application form. Use our online form to submit your application and pay the fee.

If, within your application, you propose to trade from privately owned land, you must provide proof with the application that you have written permission from the land owner.

There are currently limited opportunities to trade within the town centre of Taunton. If you are interested in trading in Taunton, you must first submit an expression of interest, telling us all about your idea, including a photo of the stall or unit you want to use and what you want to sell. As and when pitches in the town centre become available, we will refer to expressions of interest we have received and allocate spaces to traders where we have the necessary space and where we are happy that the stall/unit and items on sale, complement the location that is available. We will not be maintaining a waiting list or selecting traders on a 'first come first served' basis.

Once your application has been received and, providing it is complete, we will consult with one or more of the following:

  • Somerset County Council Highways;
  • SWT Environmental Health;
  • SWT Communications and Engagement;
  • Avon and Somerset Police;
  • Parish council for the area;
  • A town council, if appropriate;
  • The SWT ward councillor for the area.
  • The Business and Improvement District (BID) for the area, if appropriate.

The consultation will take 28 days.

We will not grant a consent if:

  • The proposed pitch is likely to obstruct or be a danger to, road users and/or pedestrians.
  • The proposed pitch conflicts with any Traffic Orders, such as waiting restrictions.
  • Noise and/or odour from the activity are likely to be a nuisance to nearby residents or businesses.
  • Your proposal is likely to have a significant and detrimental impact on an existing business in the area which already sells similar items.

Street trading consents are subject to conditions, these are rules that have to be followed. It is important that all conditions are complied with. Where the council considers that one or more have been breached, it has the power to take enforcement action, which includes revoking of the consent completely.

Renew a street trading consent

To renew a street trading consent, you can download a street trading consent renewal form. Use our online form above to submit your application and pay the fee.

You can use a renewal application to apply for a further year’s consent on the same terms as the consent you currently have. Applications are normally processed within two weeks.