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Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Some taxis and private hire vehicles licensed by the Council can carry wheelchairs.

View a list of designated wheelchair accessible vehicles. The list will be updated every month.

If you are someone that uses a wheelchair, the drivers of vehicles that appear on the list of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are required by law to:

  • carry you while in your wheelchair
  • not make any additional charge for doing so
  • carry your wheelchair, if you choose to sit in a passenger seat
  • carry you safely and in reasonable comfort

The driver should also provide you with mobility assistance if needed:

  • to enable you to get into or out of the vehicle
  • to enable you to get into and out of the vehicle while in your wheelchair if you want to travel in your wheelchair
  • to load your luggage into or out of the vehicle
  • to load your wheelchair into or out of the vehicle if you don't want to remain in the wheelchair

A driver that fails to comply with any of these duties commits an offence. You can report a driver online.

Some drivers may be exempt from carrying wheelchairs and providing mobility assistance on medical grounds. Drivers who are exempt will have a bright orange exemption notice on display in their vehicle.