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Monkton Heathfield Garden Community Consultation

17 June 2020 : Council news, Planning and development

SWT wants you to help shape the future of a key development site in the Taunton Garden Town.

Members of the public are being encouraged to have their say on how the new Monkton Heathfield Garden Community (MH2) should be designed, and the different ways green infrastructure, including open spaces and areas for tree planting, could be achieved.

The Monkton Heathfield Policy area is a key part of the adopted Core Strategy for Taunton.

The new draft Framework Plan shows the suite of development sites and related proposals around Monkton Heathfield.

A public consultation on the Concept Plan and Design Guide for the Monkton Heathfield Garden Community started this week (15 June) and will run until Friday 10 July.

The consultation seeks input on:

  • The draft Concept Plan to guide the development of the Monkton Heathfield Garden Community; and
  • Draft Design Guidance to provide more detail on the Councils aspirations to achieve a high quality development, following the adoption of the Garden Town Vision and the Design Guide and Charter for the Town in 2019.

Following the consultation exercise, SWT will consider what modifications need to be made to the draft plans and documents, and will take into account any other representations.

Executive Member for Planning and Transport, Cllr Mike Rigby, said: “The Monkton Heathfield Garden Community - MH2 - is one of the most important sites in Taunton and will eventually deliver around 1,600 new homes, a through school, employment areas, a District Centre, major open spaces, tree planting and new roads.

"We are committed to continuing to engage with the local community about these proposals and I would urge everyone to have their say”.

The consultation can be found on the consultations website.