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New pay and display machines on the way

18 March 2022 : Council news, Parking

SWT is updating its parking machines in the West Somerset area. The Council is purchasing 25 new machines which will be installed in a number of our car parks in West Somerset by the end of April 2022.

The area will benefit from the MS1 parking terminal which is the latest generation of unattended payment systems from IPS Group making it easier and more convenient for customers to park.

The biggest benefit is that the new payment machines will allow people to pay for parking using their bank card both by chip and pin and contactless, as well as by cash.

The machines are powered by 180⁰ solar panels and combination battery packs. Each machine is installed with built-in help screens, alternative languages, a pay by number plate facility, and bright LED lighting which provides enhanced visibility for motorists.

The machines communicate wirelessly with all mobile networks on a roaming sim card to ensure fast and reliable communications for processing secure credit/debit card authorisations.

Executive Member for Planning and Transport, Cllr Mike Rigby, said: “We are replacing the very out-dated parking machines which give us limited usage data, as part of our continued investment in the West Somerset area.

“The new machines will give our customers more flexibility allowing them to pay via a debit or credit card or by cash.

“As well as giving drivers a bit more flexibility, the analytics provided by this system will enable SWT to create an improved parking reporting function which will allow officers to view usage trends and create a service that can be tailored to meet community needs, ensuring the parking experience is more satisfying and hassle free”