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Splash Point Wall permanent repairs underway

21 October 2020 : Council news, Community safety, Environment

Work to replace the Splash Point sea defence wall damaged in the winter storms of 2019/20 is progressing at pace.  
SWT worked swiftly on temporary repairs to make the wall safe and prevent further material from being washed out to sea while it worked on designs for a permanent solution.
The main contractors, Kier, set up the site and cleared the rock armour from the base of the void in September. Large circular cores were then taken from the concrete base in order that holes could be drilled into the bedrock below the foundations of the previous wall.
Large steel rock anchors have now been set into the bedrock and will secure the new wall to the bedrock.
The first of the concrete ‘moulds’ were placed over the anchors and steel reinforced concrete poured in to form a dense concrete block at the start of October. These are secured to each other, to the bedrock and into the ground behind the wall using steel.
Layers of ‘blocks’ are now being added over time and the ground behind the wall filled with granite rock armour and concrete to ensure an immensely strong finish.
It’s expected that the work will be completed by the end of November 2020.
Cllr Marcus Kravis, Executive Member for Asset Management and Economic Development, said: “SWT is delighted that the replacement of the Splash Point sea defence wall is now well under way.
“It has been a huge effort by designers, contractors and staff to firstly provide a temporary repair to reduce the damage to a minimum and now to provide a permanent replacement.
“Progress has been maintained despite the difficult conditions under which we have all been operating and I am thrilled that the wall will be in place in time for the winter. We appreciate the patience of residents during all stages of the work”