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SWT adopts affordable employment land policy

30 September 2020 : Council news, Planning and development

SWT is making it easier for small businesses to set up or expand in rural areas across the district.
Full Council this week approved the adoption of a Local Development Order (LDO) which will support the delivery of small scale industrial and employment space in rural areas in line with its Corporate Strategy objective to ensure the provision of adequate and affordable employment land to meet different business needs.
The affordable employment land LDO will allow independent entrepreneurs and small business to create or expand their businesses outside of SWT’s established centres for employment without the administrative costs and burdens of a full planning application. 
It was developed in response to demand from small businesses to set up or expand their existing operations but has become increasingly significant as the Council works to promote economic recovery from Covid-19.
Cllr Mike Rigby, Executive Member for Planning and Transportation, said: “Our new affordable employment land policy is designed to help make the process of bringing forward appropriate development of small-scale employment space easier and faster.
“This incentive for businesses to start up and expand is underpinned by the principles of sustainability - in the methods proposed for construction and landscaping of the buildings, and by encouraging employment uses close to where people live.
“The need for us to support business and encourage employment opportunities has never been more important. We want to help as many of our local businesses as possible to survive through these difficult times and to prosper as restrictions begin to ease.”
The affordable employment land LDO and accompanying Design Code provides clarity on how to deliver high quality small-scale space appropriate to the site.
It will ensure that a high and consistent standard of design is delivered, providing sustainable and stimulating working environments whilst at the same time enabling the diverse requirements of individual occupiers to be met.
Development must accord with all aspects of the Design Code in order to benefit from the permitted development rights confirmed by the LDO
The documents can be found here.