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SWT announces further design guide consultation

09 December 2020 : Council news, Planning and development

SWT is carrying out further consultation on the draft Design Guide to ensure that streets are considered as sustainable places and places for all - not purely roads for vehicles.   
The Design Guide which seeks to encourage a higher standard of design across the whole Local Planning Authority area went out to public consultation at the start of the year.
This additional consultation on the Streetmaking, Parking and Placemaking section is taking place as the previous guidance has been significantly expanded following detailed discussion between SWT and Somerset County Council (SCC) as the Highway Authority.
Somerset is currently a two tier local authority area, so while the Design Guide sets out the principles on how SWT wants to improve design quality across the district, the Highway Authority’s document provides the technical detail.
The Taunton Garden Town Public Realm Design Guide also went out to key stakeholder consultation at the beginning of the year as a technical guidance document. 
However since the Covid-19 pandemic it has been decided that this should also be subject to public consultation given the Government’s significant shift towards an increase in active travel such as walking and cycling and creating attractive connected streets. 
Following consultation, SWT’s intends to adopt both Design Guides as Supplementary Planning Documents in order that they are a material consideration in the planning process.
Consultation on the Street Making and Parking section of the Districtwide Design Guide, and the Taunton Garden Town Public Ream Design Guide begins on Friday, 11 December, and runs for eight weeks until 5 February 2021.
All comments previously submitted will still be taken into consideration.
The consultation document is available to view on our website.

Responses can be made using the online consultation portal