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Watchet Harbour funding approved

28 January 2020 : Council news

SWT has approved £740,000 of funding to safeguard the integrity of Watchet Harbour.

A meeting of the full Council this week agreed to allocate £100,000 for design works to create a permanent solution for the failed wall at Splash Point, and £100,000 for design works for reinforcements of the central section at East Quay.

A further £540,000 will be added to the Capital Programme for 2020/21 to fund the reinforcement work at East Quay in line with recommendations in an engineering report which had previously been commissioned to examine the condition and lifespan of the East Quay wall.

The sea defences at Watchet are an SWT asset and form part of the structure of East Quay which is leased in sections to the Watchet Harbour Marina Operator and the Onion Collective.

The Council has already taken emergency action to prevent further catastrophic failure of the Splash Point wall and will consider the permanent repairs once a design has been established with costs.

Cllr Marcus Kravis, Executive Member for Assets and Economic Development, said: “This is a significant investment into these assets and will ensure their long term viability and the protection of Watchet.

It shows the Council’s support for the community and I hope that these repairs coupled with the East Quay development will have a significant positive impact on the area.

Any recommended works are not required to enable the OC scheme and no delay to their build is anticipated.”