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Parks and open spaces services

We maintain parks and other public open spaces as well as some play areas. We also maintain some highways verges for Somerset County Council.

We are well placed and well equipped to respond to almost any maintenance project. We are committed to providing a highly responsive service at all times for all our customers.

We undertake contracts all year round for parish councils, housing associations, schools, sports clubs, housing developers, health authorities, individuals, organisations and other clients.

Our main services include:

  • grass cutting – between March and October, 7 to 12 times a year
  • hedge trimming - between mid July and end of September (due to bird nesting season), usually once a year
    tree safety inspections and works – carried out on a cycle between 1 and 5 years, works scheduled according to needs
  • streets are swept by mechanical road sweepers or manually depending on the need
  • play equipment inspections are conducted on a monthly basis
  • we set high standards for grounds maintenance operations

Lost property

Everyone must take care of their belongings when they visit our parks and open spaces so things aren’t lost. We know that things do get lost or left behind. If our staff find valuables on council land (eg mobile phones), they will tell their manager. We will report the item has been found using the police online portal and keep the item. If you’ve lost anything valuable on council land, contact Avon and Somerset Police on 101 to ask if it’s been handed in or report it using the lost property form.

If our staff find less valuable things eg clothing, toys, our staff will put it in an easy to spot place on the site - like a bench or picnic table – in roughly the same area where they found it.