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Having your Neighbourhood Development Plan made

After you have sent your Neighbourhood Development Plan, Neighbourhood Development Order or Community Right to Build Order to us we will take over the process.

We’ll publicise the plan for representations (Regulation 16) and arrange the independent examination. Together we will appoint the Independent Examiner. They will consider if the basic conditions and legal requirements have been met, and may recommend changes to ensure it is.

We will consider the examiner’s recommendations, the basic conditions and European Conventions. This may mean changes. We will then arrange for a referendum. If the majority vote yes, the relevant plan or order will be made and become statutory development plan or planning permission for that area.


Much of the cost is in time, time that the community give to collecting evidence, writing policies and getting advice and opinion as the project develops. Government estimates that the financial costs for NDPs range between £17,000 and £63,000. This cost, with the exception of the examination and referendum, is borne by the community. There are only a few NDOs and CRtBOs so cost are not known.


This depends on the scope and depth of the project. It can take as little as two years from start to finish, most will take longer.

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