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Wellington Place Plan

Somerset West and Taunton Council has commissioned consultants to prepare a Place Plan (including an SA/SEA Scoping Report) for Wellington, to inform decisions about the development, regeneration and conservation of the town and be a long-term strategy for the future of Wellington. It will also inform the future Somerset-wide Local Plan.

Once adopted, the Place Plan will be referred to as a material consideration in determining planning applications and considering regeneration and conservation activities to ensure we are protecting and enhancing the quality of place in Wellington.

A public consultation on the Draft Wellington Place Plan will take place from 23 January to 20 February and will be available on our consultation portal.

This public consultation exercise builds on the visioning exercise that was held in October last year, which sought community participation in creating a vision for Wellington to inform and influence the evolution of this Plan.

Following the consultation, we will review, summarise and update the Wellington Place Plan in response to comments received. The final Wellington Place Plan is currently expected to be considered by Full Council in March 2023.

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