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Apply for planning permission

Customers can help us through this unprecedented time by using our online services and not communicating via paper post as far as possible

This is particularly important for the planning service where we would encourage you to use the Planning Portal to submit applications or email for advice.

Before you apply

Before you apply for planning permission, you can check if planning permission is needed from our webpage 'check if planning permission is needed'.

The easiest and recommended way to apply for planning permission is online. You need to go to the Planning Portal. Applications submitted without using the Portal will take longer to process.

It’s simple to use the Planning Portal. You can complete the form online and upload all the paperwork needed and the right fee.

Use the Planning Portal to:

  • check the forms you need to complete
  • complete the forms
  • attach plans and other paperwork
  • pay for your application (if you need to)
  • submit your application

For all major applications we need at least two paper copies of the application and one on a CD.

It is good practice to discuss applications with neighbours and others who may have an interest at an early stage and to invite comments, listen to any concerns and, if possible, think how these could be addressed in the application.

What happens next

  • We will let you know we’ve got your application.
  • We will check it to make sure it’s complete.
  • We will publicise your proposal and get in touch with people who may be affected by your plans, eg neighbours so they can give their views.
  • We will consider your application, along with any comments.

In most cases the decision will be made by a planning officer but there will be times when it is necessary for the decision to be made my planning committee, this will be in accordance with the Councils Terms of Reference for Planning Committee. This is a public meeting.