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Check if planning permission is needed

Advice on whether or not you require planning permission is available on the Planning Portal.

The Planning Portal allows you to explore interactive houses which provide guidance on many common householder projects.

You can make some small changes to your property without needing planning permission. These are called permitted development rights. It’s a good idea to check this before you start any work as in some cases permitted development rights can be withdrawn for specific developments or properties.

Formal advice

If you wish us to check for you and to have a written response in regard to needing planning permission, please complete the Do I need planning permission form and send to and pay the fee.

If works have already been undertaken and you need formal confirmation that planning permission was not required, you may wish to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Use for the existing Development. Applications can be made by using the Planning portal.

Article 4 Direction

An article 4 direction is made by the local planning authority. It restricts the scope of permitted development rights either in relation to a particular area or site, or a particular type of development anywhere in the authority’s area. Where an article 4 direction is in effect, a planning application may be required for development that would otherwise have been permitted development. Article 4 directions are used to control works that could threaten the character of an area of acknowledged importance, such as a conservation area.

Article 4 directions can increase the public protection of designated and non-designated heritage assets and their settings.

A link to the article 4 documents can be found on the supplementary planning documents page.

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