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Conservation areas

Conservation areas are places with special interest because of their environment, buildings or history. That special character is worthy of preservation or enhancement. Conservation areas are allowed to change and evolve, but we protect them from changes that could spoil their special character.

The Council has 52 conservation areas.

Living in conservation area

If you live in, or run a business from a conservation area you may need our permission before making changes which in other areas you may not have need to get permission for - such as putting in new windows, putting up satellite dishes and solar panels, adding conservatories or extensions, demolishing buildings or walls, laying paving or building walls.

You can find out if you live in a conservation area and all the maps and appraisals.

The area is defined on a map and there may be an Appraisal with it which tells you the story of the area and its special character and interest. We can may also have changed the alterations that need permission by making Article 4 Directions. We advise you to get in touch with us before starting any work. These documents are used in making decisions on works in conservation areas, planning applications and to guide local planning policies.

The easiest and recommended way to apply for conservation area consent is online. You need to go to the Planning Portal. Applications submitted without using the Portal will take longer to process.

If you are thinking of cutting down a tree or doing any pruning you must let us know 6 weeks in advance. You can do this using the application for tree works form. This gives us time to see how important the tree is in the conservation area and decide if we are going to make a tree preservation order.

We advise you to get in touch with us before starting any work.