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Find a planning application

You can see planning applications by using the online search.

You can use this to:

  • search for an application
  • keep up to date with its progress
  • see application forms, maps and other documents
  • comment on an application

Our weekly list of planning applications that have come in and decisions that have been made is available on the website.

How to search

If you know which area the planning application applies to, use the Taunton Deane or West Somerset search buttons.

Planning search by area

If you are unsure which area the planning application applies to, use the link below to see a map of Somerset West and Taunton area which will assist you to open the correct planning search page for the previous local authority areas – ie. Taunton Deane Borough Council or West Somerset Council. You can also search for a planning application by number or postcode.

Please note: You do not need to drop a pin on a specific property, only in the general area which will direct you to the correct search page to help you find planning applications.

Planning History

TDBC post 1986, West Somerset post 1974, listed buildings and tree preservation orders for Somerset West and Taunton.

Maps to see Planning Applications, listed building and tree preservation orders for Somerset West and Taunton.

How to comment

You can comment on a planning application. Our form allows you to upload attachments.

The Local Planning Authority is unable to accept the submission of video or audio evidence as it will not be certain that all interested parties involved will have the appropriate equipment to view the information.

Due to technical and legal reasons, the Local Planning Authority is unable to publish video and audio submissions on its public planning website.

The Planning Inspectorate will similarly not accept video or audio evidence when determining appeals.

Submissions must not include hyperlinks to external documents/evidence hosted on third party websites. The Local Planning Authority cannot rely on documents/evidence that it cannot directly control in respect of availability and content (including from a UK GDPR perspective). Any hyperlinks of this type will be redacted from documents prior to publication.

Comments should be sent in during the 21 day consultation so they can be fully considered. They can be sent in up to the day the decision is made. This is not recommended and could mean that your comments are not considered when decisions are being made.

Comments can’t be treated as confidential and all are published on our website with your full name and address. Do not include any information that you would not want to be made public. Make sure your comments are not offensive, inflammatory or libellous. If they are, we won’t consider them and will edit them before they’re published.

If you are not agreeable to your comments to be published with your name and full postal address please contact your Ward Councillor who you can talk to about your concerns and may agree to make comment on your behalf.

SWT Offices Closed

Following the latest government advice to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus SWT has closed its offices to protect our community and staff.

Customers can help us through this unprecedented time by using our online services and not communicating via paper post, if you do not have access to the online Comment Form or to be able to email to then please ask someone to make a representation electronically on your behalf.

Planning Aid England

Planning Aid England (PAE) provides free, independent, professional planning advice and support to help individuals and communities engage with the planning system. This includes online guidance and a limited amount of free email advice which can be accessed via an online enquiry form. In some circumstances PAE may be able to offer additional bespoke support. To find out more visit the Royal Town Planning Institute website.

There is also free advice available on the Planning Aid England website.

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