Listed buildings

Somerset West and Taunton area has a rich history and a wide range of historic buildings. Many are protected as listed buildings.

Listing a building gives it legal protection. Owners have extra responsibilities and must get listed building consent for certain sorts of work. It is against the law to carry out work on listed buildings without permission.

Details of all listed buildings are on the Somerset Historic Environment Record and Historic England websites.

Seeking permission

Listing covers the inside and outside of the building and outbuildings such as barns, garden structures, railings and walls built inside the boundaries before 1 July 1948.

Listed building consent is needed to:

  • knock down a listed building
  • alter or extend a listed building
  • alter or extend any structures or buildings that are inside the grounds of the listed building

Some minor repairs and maintenance are allowed without listed building consent as long as they are done on an exact like-for-like basis, using traditional materials. You must check with us before starting work.

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