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Listed buildings

Somerset West and Taunton area has a rich history and a wide range of historic buildings. Many are protected as listed buildings.

Listing a building gives it legal protection. Owners have extra responsibilities and must get listed building consent for certain sorts of work. It is against the law to carry out work on listed buildings without permission.

You can find out whether a building is listed on the websites below:

Anyone can suggest a building to Historic England for listing. Historic England makes recommendations, based on specific criteria, to the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, who makes the final decision on whether to list.

You can request a building to be considered for listing on the Historic England website.

Guidance on de-listing a building from the list is also on the Historic England website.

Please note, the Council cannot list or de-list buildings and all applications for listing or amendments to a listing need to be submitted to Historic England.

Seeking permission

Listing covers the inside and outside of the building and outbuildings such as barns, garden structures, railings and walls built inside the boundaries before 1 July 1948.

Listed building consent is needed to:

  • knock down a listed building
  • alter or extend a listed building
  • alter or extend any structures or buildings that are inside the grounds of the listed building
  • fit a burglar alarm and fire alarm
  • change rainwater goods from UPVC to cast iron
  • re-slate a roof

Some minor repairs and maintenance are allowed without listed building consent as long as they are done on an exact like-for-like basis, using traditional materials.

Advice on whether or not you require planning permission is available on the Planning Portal.

The Planning Portal allows you to explore interactive houses which provide guidance on many common householder projects.

Listed buildings advice

For general guidance on Listed buildings please visit the Planning Portal.

For advice or to discuss a proposal on a Listed building with Somerset West and Taunton you will require Pre Application Advice, please note these queries need to be submitted by completing an application form and providing the information and fee for this service.