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Planning obligations and S106

Section 106 agreements are also known as Planning Obligations and are needed for some planning applications under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (amended by Section 12 of the Planning and Compensation Act 1991).

A S106 is a legally binding agreement between the council, the developer and any others with an interest in the site to be developed. This may include Somerset County Council and the landowner. The agreement is to regulate the future development of the land, compensate the local community for any impact caused by a development, for example if open space is lost, and help shape the new development eg to make sure a certain number of houses are affordable homes.

Many of these agreements include paying financial contributions. Planning obligations can also be non-financial, eg providing land for public open space, affordable housing or creating environmental monitoring schemes.

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Tailor-made agreements

We work with the developer to reach an agreement which is tailor-made for each development during the initial stages of the planning application process.

We collect the S106 payments due to us, and Somerset County Council does the same for payments due to them as negotiated in the agreement. S106 financial contributions relate directly to the associated development and can only be spent as set out in the S106 agreement agreed by all relevant parties.

West Somerset area

In the former West Somerset Council planning area, where there are community contributions associated with S106, town and parish councils can bid for money from that pot.