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Self-build and custom house-building projects

Self-build or custom house-building is typically where an individual or individuals commission the construction of a new house from a builder, contractor, package company or physically build a house for themselves. This form of housing can include individual or community projects, blocks of apartments or houses. Refurbishment projects involving the conversion or regeneration of disused buildings may also be considered as self-build or custom house-building.

There are a number of models for custom-build projects:

  • self-build – managing the whole building process, building yourself or commissioning various trades to build for you
  • self-finish – you buy a part-built home and fit out or finish off internal works yourself
  • design-only – you design your home and get other trades to do everything else
  • partnership projects – working with developers or like-minded individuals to purchase land and build your home

These projects can be privately owned market housing or affordable rented or shared equity housing. Some models of shared ownership schemes use a 'sweat equity' system where a party’s contribution to a project is in the form of effort, as opposed to financial equity. In a rented custom-build scheme tenants could be involved in self-build or agreeing to 'self-finish' homes in return for reduced rents or other benefits.

Register of self-build and custom house-building

The Council maintains a register of those interested in self-build and custom house-building. If you are interested please complete the addition to self and custom build register form. There is also a removal from self and custom build register form for you to complete if you would like to be removed from the register.

Our Register is used to understand local demand for self and custom house-building and will help the Council to ensure sufficient land is identified in the future to meet this demand.

The Council publishes a summary of the register. Each summary covers a different period of time, which are called base periods:

Self-build and custom house-building plots and sites

At present the Council does not have any land allocated for self-build or custom house-building projects, nor is it currently selling land in its ownership for such projects. Individuals can buy private land to build on although we recommend you seek planning advice before committing to purchase land for this purpose.

Further guidance: