Local Plan Issues and Options consultation now live! Open from 13 January to 16 March. Have your say!

Speaking at planning meetings

You are welcome to attend meetings and listen to the discussion.

If you want to speak at the meeting, you will need to contact us before the meeting to register.

If you wish to speak, you must register with the Democratic Services Officer by telephoning 01823 356573 or by emailing governance@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk by 5.00pm the Tuesday before the meeting. Please also note that only written representations received by this date and time can be published and taken into consideration.

You can make your comments after the planning officer has presented their report. The chair of the planning committee will ask you to speak when the application you’re interested in comes up.

Your time to speak is limited to three minutes. If there are lots of people who want to speak about a particular item, someone should be chosen to speak for the group.