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Speaking at planning meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend our Planning Committee meetings and listen to the discussions. We are now live webcasting our committee meetings which means you are also able to view the webcast from your home or using any mobile device connected to the internet.

The link to each webcast will be available on the planning meeting page, but you can also access them on the Somerset West and Taunton webcasting website.

Guidelines to follow

If you would like to speak at a planning meeting, you will need to submit your request to a member of the Governance Team in advance of the meeting. You can request to speak at a meeting by telephoning 01823 219735 or emailing your full name, application number and whether you are in support for or against the application along with your statement to the Governance Team using

Any requests need to be received by 4pm on the day that provides 1 clear working day before the meeting (excluding the day of the meeting itself). For example, if the meeting is due to take place on a Thursday, requests need to be received by 4pm on the Tuesday prior to the meeting. Please note that only written representations received by this date and time can be published and taken into consideration.

The Governance and Democracy Case Manager will take the details of your statement and will distribute them to the Committee prior to the meeting. The Chair will then invite you to speak after the Planning Officer has presented their report for the application you wish to speak on. Speaking is limited to three minutes. You can only speak to the Committee once. If there are a group of people attending to speak about a particular item then a representative should be chosen to speak on behalf of the group.

Please note no further written statements from neighbours or interested parties will be read out during committee, statements will only be distributed to committee members from those who are attending in person to speak at the committee. The opportunity to make written statements is provided during the consultation process.

The Local Planning Authority is unable to accept the submission of video or audio evidence as it will not be certain that all interested parties involved will have the appropriate equipment to view the information.

Due to technical and legal reasons, the Local Planning Authority is unable to publish video and audio submissions on its public planning website.

The Planning Inspectorate will similarly not accept video or audio evidence when determining appeals.

Submissions must not include hyperlinks to external documents/evidence hosted on third party websites. The Local Planning Authority cannot rely on documents/evidence that it cannot directly control in respect of availability and content (including from a UK GDPR perspective). Any hyperlinks of this type will be redacted from documents prior to publication.