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Trees and tree protection

If you are planning to do any work on a tree you must check if you are allowed to. Some trees are protected and you risk a penalty if you do work without the right permission.

Tree preservation order

  • by law, we have to preserve and protect trees and can make tree preservation orders (TPOs) on trees and woodland
  • you must have our written permission to carry out any work on a tree protected by a TPO
  • you must apply to us if you want to do work on trees with a preservation order

Trees in a conservation area

  • all trees in conservation areas are protected, except trees with trunks less than 7.5cm in diameter (measured 1.5m above the ground)
  • you must apply to us to do work on trees in a conservation area


We have 8 weeks to process TPO applications and 6 weeks for Conservation Area notifications. In many cases a decision is reached well before the deadline. There is no cost.

Check for tree preservation order

You can search for a tree preservation order in the Somerset West and Taunton area using the online search.

If you identify a tree preservation order you wish to request a copy please email

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