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Queen's Green Canopy

In February 2022 the Queen reached her Platinum Jubilee, as part of these celebrations the Queen created a national project called the ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’. The project supports climate change by encouraging everyone in the UK to plant a tree of some form and to mark it on the official website. Somerset West and Taunton Council took part in the project by helping to created three different planting schemes across the district.

Higher Holway

At Higher Holway Open Space we have created five different areas planting 85 trees and 41 different species to provide a palette of ever-changing colours and tones throughout the year as well as provide a variety of habitats for wildlife.

  • Area A - A small orchard containing thirty Fruit Trees. There are two different varieties of Apple, Pear and Plum trees in this area.
  • Area B - A variety of larger trees including Elm, Hazel, Foxglove and Beech that will provide beautiful autumn colours as well as shaded areas in the Summer.
  • Area C - Six different varieties of Maple Trees to create a rainbow of colours including, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow and Green.
  • Area D - This area contains a range of different conifers (evergreens) including a Wellingtonia, one of these have been planted in several parks across the district as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. This area contains a range of Pine, Spruce, Larch and Cedar trees.
  • Area E - A variety of different trees including Black Birch, Sweet Chestnut, Yellow Honey Locust and Black Walnut. There are 14 different species in this area that will create a plethora of colours, tones and textures throughout the different seasons of the year.


At Culvercliffe in Minehead we have created a grassy avenue of trees adjacent to the start of the coastal path using native species.

  • Area F - The avenue consists of Common Beech, Silver Birch, Hawthorn, Lime, Field Maple, Rowan and English Oak.

In partnership with Transition Town Wellington Fox’s field has been transformed into bio-diverse nature area.

The field consists of a Wildflower Meadow, Forest Garden, Natural Amphitheatre and Remembrance Garden. The field has a circular path around the edge to enjoy the views, sounds and smells of the ever-changing environment.

More information regarding Fox’s Field can be found on the Transition Town Wellington website.

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