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Recycle More - New blue recycling bags will be delivered from the 17 October.

Bin collection days

To find out your waste and recycling collection dates and download your bin collection calendar please search using your address using the search below.

Standard collection services for most households, (excluding communal properties) with links to the Somerset Waste Partnership website guidance for each type of collection.

  • Refuse – black wheeled bin: every two weeks*
  • Recycling – green and black recycling boxes: weekly
  • Food waste - brown kerbside lockable box; weekly
  • Garden waste – green wheeled bin: every two weeks (subscription service)

* If your property is unsuitable for a wheeled bin (due to steps or lack of-road storage), up to four sacks of refuse will be taken each collection.

Where and when to put bins out

  • Make sure all rubbish or recycling is placed inside the correct container
  • Make sure the lid is closed on your black wheelie bin
  • If you have forgotten to put your recycling or bin out for collection, put them out on your next collection date
  • Put bins and recycling boxes out by 7am. They should be at the edge of your property and visible from the road
  • Take your bin off the highway as soon as possible after the collection

Get help putting bins out

If you have mobility difficulties or impairments that mean you cannot carry containers to the kerbside, and there is no one in your household who can help you, we can arrange free assisted collections for recycling and refuse.