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Garden waste collections


We will no longer send a subscription sticker. Subscription details will be held electronically and loaded onto collection crews in-cab devices. It is therefore important that the subscription address details are correct. Once payment is received, your subscription will be active from the next working day. Collections will only be made from subscribers using bins with lids closed or in paid-for garden waste bags.

Check your collection day online by using My Collection Day.

Garden waste bins

Somerset Waste Partnership offer fortnightly garden waste collections to subscribers using pre-paid 180-litre wheeled bins - Yearly charge is £57.20.

If you have not got a garden waste bin, you can ask for one. It can take up to 20 days from order to delivery.

We issue renewal notices for wheeled bins 30 days before the end of the subscription year. New subscriptions can start at any time during the year. You must pay the full year fee for collections until renewals are due. We can’t refund you if you cancel the service during the year. The Garden Waste Collection Service is an annual subscription service. Part-year subscriptions are not available and no refunds will be made for cancellations part-way through the subscription year.

Garden waste sacks

Somerset Waste Partnership also offers garden waste collections in pre-paid paper sacks. The sacks can be ordered through Somerset Waste Partnership. A batch of 10 costs £28.30 and this includes the collection charge.

You will need to book the collection of your garden waste sacks online once you are ready for them to be collected.

The garden waste collection services Terms and Conditions are available on the Somerset Waste Partnership website.


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