Garden waste collections

We offer a garden waste collection for residents. The green rubbish is collected every two weeks. You need to check the day. There are no collections in the two weeks over Christmas and New Year.

Choose bins or sacks.

You can choose:

  • garden waste bin (180 litre) - The yearly charge is £56.90
  • paper sacks (90 litre) - A batch of 10 costs £28.40 and this includes the collection charge

If you have not got a garden waste bin, you can ask for one. You can also order garden waste sacks.

We provide stickers for the green bin. This shows collection crews that you’ve paid for the service. It can take up to 15 days from order to delivery.

How to renew

We issue renewal notices for wheeled bins early each year. New subscriptions can start at any time during the year. You must pay the full year fee for collections until renewals are due. We can’t refund you if you cancel the service during the year.

Terms and conditions

What you can recycle

  • accepted: leaves, bark, grass cuttings, hedge pruning; flowers, weeds, plants; branches less than 10cm or 4 inches diameter; straw/sawdust (if bedding, only small quantities from household vegetarian pets, such as rabbits, hamsters, but not micro-pigs, pigeons, chickens)
  • not accepted: plastic, metal, glass; food or food waste; soil, turf, compost, stone or rubble; plant pots; bedding or waste from micro-pigs, chickens, pigeons, aviary birds; pet litter, dog or cat waste; dead animals; nappies; vacuum cleaner contents; other household waste; any treated wood; branches over 10cm/4” diameter
  • we also cannot accept the following for garden waste collections or at recycling sites: materials infected or suspected of being infected with Ash Dieback (Charala Fraxinea), or including Japanese Knotweed or Common Ragwort

Putting your bin out

  • garden waste bins or sacks must be put out before 7am on collection day and no earlier than the night before. Take empty bin back in as soon as possible. Do not obstruct pavements or roads
  • garden waste must be within the bin with the lid closed for collection. Excess waste outside the bin is not taken unless it is in the paper garden waste sacks sold by the council
  • garden waste bins will not be emptied if staff consider there is any risk of injury to staff or damage to the bin or vehicle for any reason, such as excess weight or frozen contents. It is the householder’s responsibility to reduce weight or otherwise ensure no bin risk

Service suspension

  • garden waste collections stop for two weeks over Christmas and New Year
  • we endeavour to collect garden waste fortnightly. Collections may be suspended, such as in severe weather, without notice or compensation. Whilst we will endeavour to undertake catch-up collections, this may not be possible


  • fees cover 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. The full cost still applies if you start or end service during the year, the service is interrupted, or collections missed
  • for the bin to be collected, the sticker must remain attached to the outside of the bin lid. Unless renewed, your service stops on 31 March 2020
  • we reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time without notice. For the latest version, service guidance and updates, see Somerset Waste Partnership website
  • Bins remain Somerset Waste Partnership property. If your bin is damaged or lost, there may be a charge for a replacement a 180 litre bin
  • please let us know if you move within Somerset (whether you intend to take the bin or leave the bin) or if you wish to end the service


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