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Recycle More

The standard recycling collection service for most households (excluding communal properties) is weekly for recycling and food waste.

What is collected with Recycle More

Full details of what is collected and some top tips

Bright Blue Bag

  • Plastic bottles – please rinse, squash, put caps and tops back on. Discard pumps and trigger sprays, e.g. from soap bottles and cleaning sprays.
  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays – any colour.
  • Tins and cans, steel or Aluminium, rinsed and squashed if possible – no need to remove labels – please place loose can lids inside squashed cans; all other metal items should be taken to any recycling site.
  • Aluminium foil – rinsed and scrunched, not if plastic or paper backed.
  • Aerosols – only recycle empty, and do not pierce or squash.

Food waste bin

  • All food waste, cooked or raw.

Box 1 (usually green)

  • Glass bottles and jars, rinsed and unbroken – no table or cook ware, put metal and plastic tops and lids back on.
  • Cartons, such as Tetra Paks – please rinse, squash and put any caps back on.

Box 2 (usually black)

  • Paper, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, directories, white envelopes (no need to remove windows) and other white paper.
  • Cardboard that is brown corrugated, grey card, greetings cards and brown envelopes – please flatten. Small bits of card can be put into larger boxes before flattening – cut or tear up large pieces. Please remember, large boxes or large pieces should be taken to a recycling site and may not be collected at the kerbside.

Plastic bags (not black sacks)

  • Small household batteries, in a small tied bag.
  • Small electrical items (not TVs or monitors) – no bigger than carrier bag, in an untied bag (not black sack)