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Mayor of Taunton

The Mayor is appointed by the Charter Trustees each year, usually in May.

The Mayor represents Taunton on ceremonial occasions, welcomes national and international visitors and attends events organised by local people and community groups. The current:

Contact the Mayor

  • by completing the Mayor’s booking form and attaching it to the general enquiries online form 
  • in writing to Civic Office, Somerset West and Taunton Council, PO Box 866, Taunton TA1 9GS or
  • by telephoning the Civic and Engagement Specialist on 0300 304 8000

Please only contact the Civic Office if the matter is with reference to an engagement, other issues should be reported through the general enquiries online form.

To invite the Mayor to an event, please complete the Mayor's booking form.

Political stance

Regardless of their political affiliation whilst acting as an elected Councillor, during their yearlong office the Mayor is obligated to be impartial and represent the council and Taunton as a whole.

Addressing the Mayor

The full address for formal occasions is 'The Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor.…'. For more informal occasions Mr Mayor or Madam Mayor, whichever is appropriate, is more customary.

There are also prescribed forms of address to be used when speaking to or addressing visiting dignitaries. The Civic Office will offer advice to ensure that the appropriate form of words is used.

Attire and use of the Mayoral Regalia

The form of attire required at any occasion will be determined by the type of function to be attended. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor will normally wear the formal Regalia and Chains of Office on the following occasions:

  • Annual Meeting of the Charter Trustees
  • The Mayor's Civic Service
  • Remembrance Sunday
  • such other occasions as deemed appropriate

The Regalia of Office means the gown, jabot, gloves, hat and Ceremonial Chains of Office or the Mayoral/Day Chain. The Civic Office will advise the Mayoral Party on the appropriate form of dress for a particular event or occasion.

Other Mayors in the district:

In the area covered by Somerset West and Taunton Council there are four other Mayors: