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We welcome petitions from the public as they're an important way for you to let us know your concerns.

If you want your petition debated by the Full Council – all 59 councillors – it must have more than 200 signatures.

We’ll acknowledge all petitions within 10 working days of receiving them. We don’t usually allow more than one petition to be debated at a meeting.

The petition organiser will get 5 minutes to present the petition to the meeting. Councillors will debate the issue up to a maximum of 15 minutes.


Any elector in Somerset West and Taunton district can ask the council to receive a deputation. The meeting must have the powers that relate to the issue in question.

If you want to make a deputation you must:

  • let us know at least three working days before the meeting
  • what it’s about
  • who’s involved in the deputation
  • who is the spokesperson

There’s more information on petitions and deputations in our constitution.